09-2137 Caitlin Yoga_1093cat Soloflex WBV is designed for active use - as a workout platform. Exercises on the Soloflex WBV are not obstructed by a tower and the Soloflex WBV is perfectly proportioned and padded for weightlifting, free-body exercises, Yoga and general stretching regiments. The length allows for wide stance exercises and the narrowness allows for range of motion beyond parallel; the low profile allows for a safe height when standing and using weights. Soloflex WBV makes workouts more effective - increasing gains and improving flexibility. The clinical summaries and testimonials on this page are related to the ACTIVE use of the Soloflex WBV. For information on other positive effects of Whole Body Vibration, visit our ATHLETE, AGING and AILING pages. Also visit – HOW WBV WORKS, WHO IS USING WBV? and our general product information page. To purchase, visit our STORE.

Soloflex WBV Customer Testimonials Related to Active Lifestyles

  • “As a long distance runner, I began a weightlifting protocol a few years ago. It made a huge difference, then last year I purchased a Soloflex WBV and started doing my workouts on the platform. Huge improvement again. I feel better and I run better” - Brian via email
  • “I’m an avid softball player and use the Soloflex WBV for warming up. It gets my blood flowing and I feel limber after using it. I recently strained my neck and was basically immobile for three days because the pain went all the way down my shoulders and back. I decided to sit on the platform and stretch my neck by letting it fall by it’s own weight down to my chest. It took about 10 min. for it to settle onto my chest and I sat there for another 5-10 min. In the end, I was completely cured. Hasn’t hurt since. Now I use it after my games too and I’m not stiff from the games at all.“ - Josephine
  • “I do all my workouts on the Soloflex WBV, but I especially like to stretch on it before a round of golf. I hit the ball farther, but I also just feel looser and more under control, like my body has found it’s center” - John via email
  • "After two weeks I can already see a difference in my legs and stomach. I love the fact that I can see results in such a short time with such little effort!". - Karen
  • "I've never written a company before but needed to tell you how much I love my Soloflex WBV. I began yoga training two years ago and I'm devoted. I've felt great since, stiffness was gone and cramps and sore backs were a thing of the past. I thought I was doing everything I needed. Then I bought a Soloflex WBV after trying my friends. What an amazing difference. Stretching and holding a pose has become easy. The padded bench is great on my bony knees and I'm also seeing significant changes in my body after I had reached a plateau long ago. The amazing thing to me was how it worked the first day. We're all used to having to work and wait for results and everything being awkward at first. This is just the opposite. The changes in my body composition have obviously taken awhile but the improvements in flexibility, form and comfort were immediate. Thanks again Soloflex" - Jamie
  • "I can do a really intensive workout in such a short space of time. As a working mother with a hectic work schedule, using the … machine helps me stay in shape without having to spend hours in the gym." - Joanne
  • "A fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible… It is a fast and effective way to stay in shape.". - John
  • "I can get a full workout at home in next to no time. I really am impressed with the machine's ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good." - Mindy
  • “Your ad in this month’s Readers Digest showing a Senior Citizen on a Soloflex WBV with bar bells is a hoot. As an owner and regular user I wonder if in the interest of the Truth in Advertising Laws you might want to disclose the fact that use of your machine IS addictive. To insure that I can start and end every day with a WBV I own four of them. One here at home in my gym, one at our condo in Kirkwood (ski country) one at our horse ranch where I spend several hours a day on horseback, and one at our place at Lake Tahoe in the exercise room. Thank you for a great product.” –Dick via email

Clinical Study Summaries Related to Active Lifestyles

  • Published in the Journal of Nurtrition Hospital
  • INTRODUCTION: Whole-body vibration training (WBVT) has been shown to be an extremely useful tool for increasing muscle mass, bone tissue, muscle power, flexibility, and strength, among others. RESULTS: WBV appears to be associated with three pathways involved in weight loss: inhibition of adipogenesis and reduction of fat mass, increased energy expenditure, and increase in muscle mass.
  • Clinic of Physiological Functioning
  • CONCLUSION: “We have shown in this study that a single bout of whole body vibration transiently improves muscle performance of lower extremities and body balance in young healthy adults.”
  • Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
  • CONCLUSION: “WBV, and the reflexive muscle contraction it provokes, has the potential to induce strength gain in knee extensors of previously untrained females to the same extent as resistance training at moderate intensity. It was clearly shown that strength increases after WBV training are not attributable to a placebo effect.”
  • Published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • CONCLUSION: “… whole body vibration training induces a gain in knee-extensor strength combined with a small increase in fat free mass. The gain in strength is comparable to the strength increase following a standard fitness training program consisting of cardiovascular and resistance training.”
  • Published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
  • CONCLUSION: …we have demonstrated that 7 weeks of slow velocity RT (resistance training) combined with WBV compared led to significant changes in maximal isometric knee extension and isometric lumbar extension strengths compared to RT alone during the initial stage of a regular RT program in untrained 20-49 years old adults. The slow velocity RT program led to marked muscle strength and power gains.
  • Published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • In middle-aged sedentary obese subjects, WBV added to hypocaloric diet for 8 weeks improved body composition, insulin-resistance, glucose regulation and adiponectin levels to a greater extent compared with diet alone.
    Active Summary