“Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback on the WBV platform. I have been using it for three weeks, on a hunch that it might help a problem I have with chronic plantar fascitis.
After trying every recommended remedy, including anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots, concentrated stretching of my calf muscles and doing yoga (which actually made it worse), I went to a physical therapist/acupuncturist, Scott Michaels who used a tuning fork on my foot. Post treatment my foot felt incredibly better, but within days I was back in pain again. I don’t have time to drive out to Gresham for Scott’s tuning fork treatment, so I started thinking about what would replicate it. I had acquired the Soloflex WBV board from my friend Irene after her husband passed away (he used it for osteo) and I started using it daily for 30+ minutes (I didn’t realize there was an upper limit on the time usage) and three weeks out my foot is as close to healed as I could have ever dreamed of. I had this condition for nearly two years. In fact, it literally was just days after I started to use the platform that I could finally walk on that foot without suffering from throbbing pain. I am stunned, and of course, a big fan!” –Jo via email

“I was diagnosed over 30 years ago with Type 1 Diabetes. I immediately started suffering from leg pain called peripheral Neuropathy. It manifests itself many ways but primarily, tingling, immense cramping and sharp leg pain. loss of feeling in the legs and feet and the feeling that they are asleep all the time.
I have lived with this condition all of these successive years until a close friend confided that the Soloflex Platform might help east the pain and make my feet and legs feel better. Boy was she right.
I sit on the couch an hour a day with my feet resting on the platform, My sweetie sits beside me to ease her Plantar Fasciitis. We have both noticed noticeable improvement after just a short time.
My toes feel alive , tingling feeling has abated, My feet already feel much better and we look forward to our “vibrating sessions” together. I thought I would just have to live with my leg pain but the Soloflex Platform has really helped me out. Thank you Soloflex.”  –Jonathan via email

“As a long distance runner, I began a weightlifting protocol a few years ago. It made a huge difference, then last year I purchased a Soloflex WBV and started doing my workouts on the platform. Huge improvement again. I feel better and I run better”       - Brian via email

“I’m an avid softball player and use the Soloflex WBV for warming up. It gets my blood flowing and I feel limber after using it. I recently strained my neck and was basically immobile for three days because the pain went all the way down my shoulders and back. I decided to sit on the platform and stretch my neck by letting it fall by it’s own weight down to my chest. It took about 10 min. for it to settle onto my chest and I sat there for another 5-10 min. In the end, I was completely cured. Hasn’t hurt since. Now I use it after my games too and I’m not stiff from the games at all.“ - Josephine

 “I do all my workouts on the Soloflex WBV, but I especially like to stretch on it before a round of golf. I hit the ball farther, but I also just feel looser and more under control, like my body has found it’s center” - John via email

"After two weeks I can already see a difference in my legs and stomach. I love the fact that I can see results in such a short time with such little effort!". - Karen

"I've never written a company before but needed to tell you how much I love my Soloflex WBV. I began yoga training two years ago and I'm devoted. I've felt great since, stiffness was gone and cramps and sore backs were a thing of the past. I thought I was doing everything I needed. Then I bought a Soloflex WBV after trying my friends. What an amazing difference. Stretching and holding a pose has become easy. The padded bench is great on my bony knees and I'm also seeing significant changes in my body after I had reached a plateau long ago. The amazing thing to me was how it worked the first day. We're all used to having to work and wait for results and everything being awkward at first. This is just the opposite. The changes in my body composition have obviously taken awhile but the improvements in flexibility, form and comfort were immediate. Thanks again Soloflex" - Jamie


"I can do a really intensive workout in such a short space of time. As a working mother with a hectic work schedule, using the … machine helps me stay in shape without having to spend hours in the gym." - Joanne

 "I can get a full workout at home in next to no time. I really am impressed with the machine's ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good." - Mindy

 “This is an update on my use of your Whole Body Vibration platform.
My use of your WBV has been twofold, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and osteopenia. The more dramatic result has been the relief of symptoms from benign BPPV. This is caused by calcium deposits in the semicircular canals. The Epley procedure was ineffective in my case. However when using your board for 3 minutes at .9 to 1 g with my scapulas located centrally on the board with head back 10 degrees, rotating my head left 90 degrees, then right 90 degrees and holding each position for a count of 10, the symptoms disappeared with the first treatment. Some nausea occurred but passed within an hour. I would call this a modified Epley procedure with vibration. This is the second time that I have used your WBV for BPPV and obtained relief. There was an interval of one year between the first and second event. This truly is a successful medical application! There are other causes of vertigo such as Meniere’s disease which may not respond favorably.
The second condition for which I am using your WBV is osteopenia. I was unable to stand on the board because of a colon ulcer which was exacerbated by the vibrations. The ulcer has healed and I again stand on the board without any problems. It would not be clear if my dexascan next year were to improve since there are other measures that I employ to counter my osteopenia.
Hopefully you will develop a way to market the WBV for BPPV. I am so grateful to have obtained relief from this miserable condition. Thank you for an excellent product.” -Ginger


“I wanted to give you an update on my experience with the whole body vibration unit that I bought and attached to my Soloflex. My family laughed at me when I told them I ordered the unit. My cat proved them wrong. My cat has been having trouble walking and jumping since January. His back legs were so weak his tail dragged behind him between his legs. He started to sit on the Soloflex bench with me when I was exercising with the WBV unit turned on. After a month of sitting on the e vibration bench a few times a week, he was able to hold his tail up parallel to the floor; after another month, he was able to hold his tail up even higher. It turns out that he had arthritis and the WBV was helping the muscles in his back legs and lower spine get stronger. I certainly didn’t expect this when I got the unit! As for me, I am enjoying using the unit with the exercises. I do notice that I am more fatigued if I do the exercises with the unit on as opposed to when it’s off. It’s too soon to notice any real changes for me but after my cat’s health improved so much I’m sure that I’ll see noticeable changes within a few months.” –Christine via email


“I believe that everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others. I also believe that I was suffering from a sedentary lifestyle. I’m a commercial driver, 52 years of age and moderately above my ideal weight. I purchased the WBV with an open mind and some limited hope. I am now one of your biggest fans. I am both energized and relaxed. Stronger, more “vibrant.” I feel SO much better! I’ve since read some of the information available on the internet relating to WBV both pro and con. The differences seem to be consistent with the information you have provided.
I am very much pleased with the results after using your WBV platform. One word to sum it up? Improvement. Yes the difference between how I used to feel and how I feel right now. I own a Concept2 Model D Rowing machine (which is sometimes used as a “men’s valet”) your WBV platform and dumbbells. Your price is excellent, quality so far is great. My rating as of today has to be EXCELLENT. Thank you! You got it right with this product.” –C. via email


“I am a 60 year old woman who loves your Soloflex WBV because I have difficulty exercising. I have multiple sclerosis, and I get around with a walker and a wheelchair.
When I saw your ad in the newspaper, and you called it an exercise device for people who cannot exercise, you got my immediate attention. When I went to your website and read the particulars, I knew I wanted to try it.
I ordered a Soloflex WBV in November, 2006, and I started using it the day it arrived. At first, I had to hold onto the handles of my walker to steady myself because of my lack of balance, but soon I was able to stand up straight, unaided, for intervals of a minute or so. I still have my walker in front of me, but don’t have to hang on anymore. I can stand straight and do torso twists and all kinds of arm raises and stretches for 10 minutes a day. I love this machine – it has made me find my center again. I can stand at the kitchen and bathroom sinks and perform normal tasks without leaning on the sinks for balance. Of course, I still use the walker and wheelchair for mobility, but I can stand with a centered core. THANK YOU SO MUCH.” –Joy


“I am a 60 year old white female with several risk factors for osteoporosis. I get annual bone density test. Last year my bone density test results put me in the range for needing to start taking Fosamax or similar meds. I did not want to take the drugs and felt there must be some other way to improve. I had already been taking calcium and doing lots of weight bearing exercise. I read about the Soloflex WBV platform and its effects on bone density and decided to give it a try. It’s now been nine or ten months, averaging ten minutes a day, sometimes more, sometimes not at all. Last week I got my bone density test results – and they are impressive – my numbers are better than they were 6 ½ years ago, and I am no longer a candidate for Fosamax. I believe the WBV platform is wholly responsible for this improvement, as my calcium intake was the same; my exercise regimen was even than in previous years. I intend to continue with the WBV for another year before I really believe it – and then – I’ll be promoting the WBV platform to every woman, doctor and health club in the area. Thanks so much Soloflex!
p.s. I also bought the platform for my 90 year old mother and she is on it almost every day for 10 minutes.” –Susan via email


“I purchased this unit for my mom well over a year ago. Before your company had even put data out on it. My mom is 87 and does it every day for 15 minutes. She says she can feel a difference. She has her walker over it for balance and even does knee bends and alternately lifts legs. She is a trooper.” –Mick via email


“…this is our 3rd purchase of a WBV. One went to my mom, our original one went to a friend, and now we need a new one, as the friend fell in love with the effects of the WBV and we didn’t have the heart to ask for it back. Thank you again for such a great product.” –Sharon via email


“I purchased a WBV several months ago and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I won’t know the impact on my bone density for at least a year but have already experienced exciting results with muscle tone and strengthening. I’ve also noticed that my clothes (especially jeans) fit better and looser around the hips/legs. Thank you………thank you………thank you.
p.s. I started out using my WBV approx. 10 min/day, 5-6 days/wk. and now average 25-30 min./day, 4-5 days/wk., following the exercises in the instruction booklet, some with hand/leg weights, plus several yoga exercises.” –Jill via email


“Your ad in this month’s Readers Digest showing a Senior Citizen on a Soloflex WBV with bar bells is a hoot.
As an owner and regular user I wonder if in the interest of the Truth in Advertising Laws you might want to disclose the fact that use of your machine IS addictive. To insure that I can start and end every day with a WBV I own four of them. One here at home in my gym, one at our condo in Kirkwood (ski country) one at our horse ranch where I spend several hours a day on horseback, and one at our place at Lake Tahoe in the exercise room. Thank you for a great product.” –Dick via email


“I just wanted to give you a little report on the difference your vibration platform has made in my life. I am 63 years old and purchased the platform about 9 months ago. I have been using it steadily since then. I had broken my foot twice and was having balance problems and a general weakness since I had not been able to move as much as usual during my bone healing process. I started by doing mostly light stretches while standing on the platform. Later I started using weights and sat and lay on the platform, performing crunches and leg lifts and using arm weights and everything I could think of. I ended up with knee pushups against the platform. It didn’t take long after I started before I had no more balance problems. Now I have more core strength and arm and leg muscles than I can ever remember having. I had also been contending with shoulder joint pain, and even thought it hurt to do it I kept on with the stretches and weights until now I have very little problem with it. This is a marvelous machine and I have told many others about it. Three people also bought one at my recommendation. I think we need to recommend this platform to senior citizen centers and nursing home physical therapy centers. It’s a miracle in my life.” –Lise via email


“I just had to let you know how thrilled I am with my Whole Body Vibration (WBV) platform. I have cerebral palsy and use braces and a wheelchair to get around. I’m also of the age where osteoporosis is a concern. Well, your machine has given me new life! I can now get on and off the platform on my own (couldn’t when I started using it a few months ago), and it has increased my strength, stability, and circulation to a degree I never imagined possible. Degenerative arthritis in my joints makes weight bearing exercise impossible and the pain in my hips and knees was extreme. What a difference now! The pain is almost non-existent and I’m able to stand on the platform for the full 10 minutes. Wow! I’m 60 years old and getting a second chance at life. THANK YOU.” –Andi via email


“Just wanted to say what a geat product the WBV platform is. I was a bit skeptical at first reading about the benefits other people were posting but decided to give it a try. I’ve had various aches and pains for years and tried various exercises (under doctors’ advice)which left me exhausted, and more times than not, left me with more pain than I had before! I’ve had the WBV board for a couple of months now and I don’t know how I’ve lived without it for all these years!
I used to suffer from vertigo, plantar faciitis, and back/hip pain on a regular basis….not anymore! I use it everynight for 20 minutes & am working up to 30 minutes at the higher settings. I can tell you that I now get such a sound sleep I can sleep through earthquakes! Thanks Soloflex!” –E. Montoya via email

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