What People Are Saying

Just a few of the letters and emails we’ve received.

"While working out yesterday on my Soloflex, it occurred to me that I should pass along to you my gratitude for and praise of your machine. I bought my used Soloflex 20 years ago from a neighbor and have put it through a one-or-two-hour, upper and lower body workout three times a week almost every week since then, vacations and illness excepted. I was 54 years old then, and I am 74 now. I am 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, have a 32-inch waist, significant biceps, triceps, abs, pecs, thighs and calves, and I attribute most of that to your long-lasting, reliable, easy-to-use device. My only cost during those 20 years has been new bands. I would send you a picture, but unlike the Soloflex, the use of photos on the computer is a technique that eludes me. " –David via email

"Soloflex is a technology all its own and prides itself on having no cables or pulleys. It utilizes a unique variable resistance elastomer made of heavy-duty rubber called the Weight Strap. Weight Straps are available in resistance levels from 2.5 lbs to 100 lbs, and the (Refurbished Muscle Machine) Classic comes with 405 pounds of weight straps. The patented barbell works like a free weight barbell, but its solid and permanent installation prohibits uneven lifting. Along with the weight straps, the classic comes with a dip bar, curl tubes and free weight rods, for those who want to add a little extra to their workout. There's also a helpful wall chart, user guide and even a workout dvd. Soloflex has thought of it all, so while this machine may be a departure from the norm for you, they put you right at home with it. It's easy to set up and even easier to use, what more could you want from a Best Buy.

"Just wanted to pass this along. I have owned a Soloflex now for over 25 years. The first 2 years I used it quite a bit and after that not too much. It sat in my parents basement for the rest of the 25 years. Since turning 50, I needed to get myself back in shape. I was weighing a little over 200 lbs. on a 5 foot 6 inch frame and that was way too much. My blood pressure was way too high and I was having other health problems. I also started to develop arthritis in my shoulder, my fingers, knees and feet. I was a mess. So I decided to get myself back in shape. I went over to my parents house and picked up my machine that was sitting in the corner of the basement all alone and forgotten. I set it up, bought some new bands and went to work. I forgot how well this machine works. I started off light due to my arthritis. As the weeks and months went by, my arthritis started to go away. I started eating better, and also started using a Rockit that I had picked up used from someone who had it sitting in their basement. Slowly I increased the weights. I began losing weight and got down to 168 lbs. of pure muscle. My blood pressure dropped to 115 over 76 and I am feeling better than I have ever felt. I now can ride bicycle and can out perform many of the younger riders. I can walk like I used to and enjoy working out on my newly discovered Soloflex and my new old Rockit. Thanks Soloflex. You've changed my life." –Steve via email

"Dear SoloFlex, I had to write and tell you my feelings about the SoloFlex. First understand that I'm a Police Officer in rural Virginia, a patrol Officer. With that said, it's vitally important that I stay strong. I'm 44, a bit overweight, but strong. For over 8 years, I have owned a Bowflex, and enjoyed it, and used it every other day, it's a good home gym. I just sold my old Bowflex, and ordered a newer one. Well, here is why I'm writing: Selling my old one, and waiting for my new one, left me in an awkward position, with nothing to work out on. I remember being a young man watching the SoloFlex commercials, (they were Great !), and always wanting one, but not able to afford one. I put a "Wanted Used Soloflex" add on a website. I wanted it cheap, and to use only until my Bowflex arrived. I found one local in good used condition at a fair price. I bought it, brought it home, and put it together. After working out on the SoloFlex now several times, I'm AMAZED at the difference in quality !!!! The SoloFlex is a by FAR superior product. It's built like an armored Tank, and I can hardly believe that they aren't still being made. It's a shame. I will probably have to order some newer bands at some point, but that's fine. Just wanted to encourage you to keep making the parts etc....... I will be one who will support you, and this amazing invention ! Oh, by the way, I'm considering strongly, sending my Bowflex back when it arrives." –MB via email

"I just wanted to mention that I bought my Soloflex in 1984, and have been using it on a regular basis ever since! I have more than gotten my money's worth!" –Liz via email

"Soloflex... Just had a look-see at your new web site. Outstanding! When I heard that you weren't selling the original Soloflex anymore and then I saw the web site go through a downward transition I thought the worst. But I love the new site and all the things available on it - especially the original, classic Soloflex - even if it IS refurbished. I purchased my Soloflex back in 1982 and it has stood the test of time. That was six years before my son was born, and he has since used it to gain strength for playing high school and college baseball and I'm still using it to stay in pretty decent shape. I've had to replace a few straps along the way, and the butterfly attachment had a new bushing structure, but you guys replaced that for me for free. Customer service has always been top-notch. American made and made to last - what a concept! Thanks for a lifetime of good health...." –Richard via email

"I've been meaning to drop you an email now for over a week to say thank you for the prompt and courteous customer support. The Soloflex is a great piece of equipment, it's nice to know the team standing behind it is just as good!" –Mark via email

"Hey there. I just wanted to let you all know that next week marks the 16th anniversary of my Soloflex. Through the years it has earned it's share of "character building" scrapes, scratches, and surface rust. And while I use it mainly for pull ups, dips, and such these days, she is still as solid as the day I got her way back in 1993. Other benches and machines have come and gone, but my Soloflex is the one constant I always come back to, time and time again. Thank you for building such a remarkable piece of equipment." –Joe via email

" Mr. Wilson, don't write many of these most likely because there so few products I'm still impressed with after 27 years or 27 days for that matter. If you keep records that long you'll see a purchase by Steve in Brooklyn NY . I still remember all my neighbors staring out the windows of our apt building as the tractor trailer pulled up to deliver my new Soloflex. My parents thought i was crazy spending so much money at that age for a "silly" exercise machine. I was 5'10 , 230 lbs and while i was not in terrible shape i knew i was heading down the wrong road. Fast forward 27 years and im still using that Soloflex as much as the first week i got it. I'm 45 and haven't passed thru 175lbs since i slipped under. Have run several marathons and sincerely credit it your product in helping me achieve my goals. So much so I have picked up a few extra Soloflex machines which I've set aside 1 for each of my 2 sons and donated a 3rd to the a local firehouse. I'm so happy to see the Soloflex interest picking up again think its the absolute best machine on the market. I'm also compelled to tell you that when I hauled mine off to college suddenly a Soloflex appeared in the home of my parents! Sorry to ramble on but I did feel i owed you this thank you for some time. I continue to spread the good word about your products and company. Wish you good health and continued success." –Steve via email

"I just thought you might want to know: About twenty years ago I bought a Soloflex and used it regularly. Then about fifteen years ago I changed my habits and my equipment and the Soloflex ended up on the ground behind a storage shed. I stored the smaller pieces and rubber bands in a box but the rest of it was literally laid on the ground. I had pretty much forgotten about it and the weeds hid it. Last week I decided to dig it out of the brush. The wood on the bench is all but rotted and there is some serious rust and pitting on the metal parts. The amazing thing is that with some scrubbing with a wire brush and new wood and paint, it still works. The old bands have broken when I tried to use them but other then that it will do everything that it did when new. I have been through a number of non-gym type pieces of exercise equipment over the years. Bow this and Cable that but never have I seen equipment that would hold up like my Soloflex has. Sure, it is showing the damage of years of serious neglect but,I believe that this may well be the most durable piece of home gym equipment on the market. Just thought you might like to know." –John via email

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