Muscle Machines


To unlock your body's potential, we proudly offer Soloflex. Twenty-four traditional iron pumping exercises, each correct in form and balance. All on a simple machine that fits in a corner of your home.  Soloflex doesn’t do anything new, it does all of the standard exercises you’ll ever need. And it does them better. The floating barbell is the key. It provides the balance of free weights PLUS the safety of a machine. Soloflex delivers exactly the same muscle growth and endurance as free weights. It even holds free weights if you want to use them. And you’ll never need a spotter.
All Soloflex Muscle Machines are 4 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 6 feet tall. An additional 2 feet of clearance are required for some exercises. Machines with a leg extension are 6 feet deep.

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