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With 29 of the best barbell, bodyweight, and pulldown exercises available, Soloflex replaces a gym full of equipment with a simple machine that fits in the corner of your home.

Full Body Workout

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Soloflex provides all of the best iron pumping and free body exercises at home.

Exceptional Safety

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The floating barbell completely eliminates the need for a spotter, while the shock-absorbing design reduces the risk of injury.

Superior Construction

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Proudly made in the Hillsboro, OR with quality heavy gauge steel, the Soloflex Muscle Machine is virtually indestructible.
Soloflex is a Champion Muscle Builder

Many people are aware of the numerous benefits of weightlifting. Not only can it increase muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament strength, but it can also reduce injury potential, increase metabolism, and even improve cardiac function.

Professional athletes and powerlifters with sophisticated training regimes take advantage of elastic straps to increase the resistance as the lift progresses. These setups get closer to the ideal, but can be complicated and even dangerous when not used correctly.

Soloflex does it better. The barbell arm combines with specially designed weight straps to provide just the right amount of resistance from start to finish. The result is a more effective workout that promotes real-world functional strength and maximum muscle growth.

Soloflex Muscle Machine
The variable geometry lever and patented weight straps work together to optimize resistance.
Soloflex Muscle Machine
Compared to free weights, the resistance provided by Soloflex better matches your natural strength curve.

In the first six months of using my Soloflex, I felt better and saw better results than in the six months that I was going to a gym.

-Gus C.

No Pain, No Gain. Let Us Explain.

Great rewards, gains all of all kinds take work. It is a pain to get up and do it, but Soloflex will keep you protected when you do. Soloflex weight straps protect your joints from sudden shock. The floating barbell eliminates the danger of dropped weights. Work hard without the fear of injury.

Soloflex Muscle Machine
The movement allowed by the Soloflex floating barbell requires your weak side to do its fair share of the work and recruits stabilizing muscles for balanced muscle development.

While the weightlifting machines available in most gyms can eliminate the need for a spotter, they introduce a new problem. The bar is stuck along a rigid path that encourages an unbalanced lifting technique. The Soloflex floating barbell design keeps the weight supported while still allowing the bar to wobble. Keeping it level requires equal force on the left and right of side the bar. This unique feature enables Soloflex owners to develop a balanced, symmetrical physique while enjoying the safety and convenience of a machine.

Target  Every  Muscle

Soloflex exercises are carefully chosen to target every major muscle group. It's never been easier to put together a full-body strength training program that meets your individual needs.

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Biceps Biceps Forearms Forearms Pectorals Front Deltoids Front Deltoids Abdominals Quadriceps Quadriceps
Triceps Triceps Trapezius Rear Deltoids Rear Deltoids Lower Back Latissimus dorsi Latissimus dorsi Hamstring Hamstring Gluteals Calves Calves


Back of Neck Press

Bench Press

Bench Row

Bent Over Row

Bicep Curl / Lat Pulldown

Body Curl

Calf Raise

Dead Lift


Donkey Press

Dorsi Bar Pulldown

Frontal Squat

Haney Shrug

Incline Bench Press

Incline Sit Up

Leg Bend

Leg Press

Military Press

Negative Pull Up

Pull Up

Roman Chair Sit Up

Shoulder Shrug


Standing Bicep Curl

Stiff-Leg Dead Lift

Tricep Extension

Tricep Press

Tricep Pushdown

Upright Row

Fitness for the Long Haul

We believe that you should be fit for life, so we build our machines to last a lifetime. Soloflex does all of the standard exercises you'll ever need and has been engineered to stand up to decades of use. Utilizing quality materials and superior craftsmanship, Soloflex Muscle Machines are proudly made in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Due to high demand, this item ships in 6-8 weeks.

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  • 185 lbs of Weightstraps
  • Dip Bar
  • Curl Tubes
  • Roman Chair Pin
  • All Assembly Pins
  • Urethane Foam Pads
  • User/Workout Guide
  • DVD


  • 4 ft x 4 ft x 6 ft

Shipping Dimensions:

  • 73 in x 36 in x 6 in

Shipping Weight:

  • 176 lbs


Made in U.S.A.
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