How It Works

 Soloflex does barbell and free body exercises, the most important weight lifting exercises! These exercises engage 40-50% more muscle than single limb exercises.









As any spring or elastomer is stretched the force required to keep it moving increases exponentially.  The Soloflex barbell arm is a variable geometry lever that increases in leverage exponentially to match the force required.  The result - a predictable and constant load to the user.  The best machine design is the one that accomplishes the user's goals with the fewest parts.  When form perfectly matches function the object becomes art, recognizable by all.  Soloflex is the most popular and best selling weight machine ever made because it does just that. 


Safety is the most compelling reason to lift weights with our machine.  By making weight lifting safer, Soloflex makes life safer in other ways too - like improving your health, keeping your weight down and improving your balance and agility to avoid injury.

Using rubber instead of dead weights helps protect muscles and ligaments because the rubber dampens the shock.  The shock absorbing feature of the Soloflex is also very useful when rehabilitating injuries.

No Spotter Needed

 P.S.  If you are still wanting to pump iron then Soloflex is also for you.  Simply add free weights with or without the rubber and start lifting. 


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