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How to Assemble Your Muscle Machine

Step 1. Place the stabilizer on the floor, ears pointed toward you.


Step 2. Set the bolt, nut, 2 washers, and 2 wrenches on the floor by the stabilizer. 

Step 3. Place the mainframe into the stabilizer ears.


Step 4. Hold the mainframe in place while inserting bolt. When bolting the mainframe to the stabilizer, be sure one washer rests between the bolt head and the machine, and the other washer between the nut and the machine.


Step 5. Make sure the mainframe and the stabilizer are flush, then torque the bolt, do not over-tighten.


Placing the bench
Step 1. Place the bench legs in the stabilizer supports, legs leaning away from the mainframe.


Step 2. Rest the bench on the bench legs, slide the bench ears around the mainframe.

Step 3. Insert the black bench pin into the desired hole to secure the bench to the mainframe. 


Placing Barbell Arm 
Step 1. Place the ears of the barbell arm around the mainframe.


Step 2. Secure the barbell arm by inserting the stainless steel barbell arm pin.

Step 3. Place the load pin in the third hole below the stainless barbell arm pin and tighten securely. This leaves two empty holes between the stainless barbell pin and the load pin. Check to see if the load pin is tight between sets. 


Setting The Load
Step 1. When setting the barbell arm for a "pressing-up or pulling-up" exercise, place the load pin in the third hole below the stainless barbell arm pin. (Two empty holes between pins.) Keep the load balanced. Put heavier straps on first. Always use retainer clips.

Step 2. When setting up a "pressing-down or pulling-down" exercise, place the load pin in the third hole above the stainless barbell arm pin. (Two empty holes between pins.) For some "pulling-down" exercises, you may prefer to leave one empty hole between pins. Lift the barbell arm to slide on the weightstraps. Don't forget to hold on to the barbell arm when removing the straps.


Step 3. When loading the resistance on any exercise, always use the provided retainer clips. (One on each side of the machined load pin.) This will prevent the strap from moving during the exercise. Use the retainer clips on the load pin, butterfly attachment, and the leg extension attachment. 


Bench Leg Support
When doing pull up and dips, use the bench legs for additional support. Center the top cross bar in the slot near the base of the mainframe.



Dip Bar Placement

Place the dip bar as pictured, centered, and resting on the barbell arm.  


Weight Plates 
Weight plates can be used alone or in conjunction with your Soloflex weightstraps. To use standard one-inch plates, slide the iron plate attachment rods (sold separately) half way into each end of the barbell arm. then slide the plate over the rod until it butts up to the barbell arm. Olympic plates may be used in conjunction with your Olympic plate attachment rods (sold separately). You can load up to 500 pounds of weight plates on the Soloflex barbell arm.


Butterfly Assembly
Step 1. slide the butterfly body with pins facing up, over the top of the mainframe, allowing it to rest on the load pin.


Step 2. Place one bushing into each side of the butterfly arm. Repeat with the other arm. 


Step 3. Insert the arm into the body and slide the D-shaped clevis pin down through the butterfly arm, connecting it to the body. Repeat  with the other arm.


Step 4. Fasten the "e" clip to the bottom of the D-shaped clevis pin. Repeat with the other side. 


Step 5. Open the arms to slide the weightstraps on. Secure the retainer clip. Slide on foam pads. Note: The Butterfly attachment comes with 2 urethane foam pads.


Leg Extension Assembly

Step 1. Remove bench and bench legs. Set the pins of the leg extension into the stabilizer support holes. 


Step 2. Remove the “e” clip with a screwdriver and then remove the clevis pin from the pivot point. Leave the bushing in the hole.


Step 3. Attach the leg extension pivot arm to the pivot point, replace the clevis pin and “e” clip. 


Step 4. Using the supplied bushing, clevis pin and “e” clip, attach the lower pivot point of the leg extension to the pivot arm by first inserting the bushing, then the pivot arm, then the clevis pin, and “e” clip.


Step 5. Attach the bench to the mainframe using bench pin hole #24. note: remove the leg extension when not in use.


Step 6. Attach the leg extension to the bench using the supplied hitch pin. Slide on weightstraps, retainer clips, and urethane foam pads. note: the leg extension comes with 4 urethane foam pads.


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