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Jerry Wilson, Inventor/Founder, Soloflex, Inc.

WELCOME to our site!  It's been 40 years and one million Soloflex machines sold since we started.  We've bucked enough steel to build the Golden Gate bridge and then some...and we're still building them.  

 All I wanted when I started was a way to do the same circuit training barbell, pull-down and free body exercises that I did in military school - without getting maimed.  That year there were more than 90,000 emergency room visits due to weightlifting accidents.  Proud to say the safety of our machine has proven itself beyond our wildest hopes.  Take a look at some of our instructional infomercials to see for yourself how it works and then consider if one is worth it to you. 

Here I am in my 70s, still exercising and eating right.  You can't stay healthy if you don't stay strong.  And it goes without saying - prevention is the ONLY affordable healthcare insurance.  Enjoy the site.  We're here to answer questions and help support our product however we can.


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