09-2137 Jerome_PushUps_1075resize Athletes at all levels are looking for an edge - and many professional and amateur athletes have turned to Whole Body Vibration to get that edge. Soloflex WBV will makes workouts more effective - increasing gains and improving quick burst movements. WBV helps to reduce incidents of injury by increasing flexibility and also helps in the recovery of strains and cramping. Soloflex WBV is designed as a workout platform, perfectly proportioned and padded for weightlifting, free-body exercises, yoga and general stretching regiments. The length allows for wide stance exercises and the narrowness allows for range of motion beyond parallel; the low profile allows for a safe height when standing and using weights. The clinical summaries and testimonials on this page are related to ATHLETES. For information on other positive effects of Whole Body Vibration, visit our ACTIVE, AGING and AILING pages. Also visit – HOW WBV WORKS, WHO IS USING WBV and our general product information page. To purchase, visit our STORE.

Soloflex WBV Customer Testimonials Related to Athletic Performance

  • “As a long distance runner, I began a weightlifting protocol a few years ago. It made a huge difference, then last year I purchased a Soloflex WBV and started doing my workouts on the platform. Huge improvement again. I feel better and I run better” - Brian via email
  • “I’m an avid softball player and use the Soloflex WBV for warming up. It gets my blood flowing and I feel limber after using it. I recently strained my neck and was basically immobile for three days because the pain went all the way down my shoulders and back. I decided to sit on the platform and stretch my neck by letting it fall by it’s own weight down to my chest. It took about 10 min. for it to settle onto my chest and I sat there for another 5-10 min. In the end, I was completely cured. Hasn’t hurt since. Now I use it after my games too and I’m not stiff from the games at all.“ - Josephine
  • “I do all my workouts on the Soloflex WBV, but I especially like to stretch on it before a round of golf. I hit the ball farther, but I also just feel looser and more under control, like my body has found it’s center” - John via email

Clinical Study Summaries Related to Athletic Performance

  • CONCLUSION: “A strength training program that includes WBV appears to have additive effects in young skiers compared with an equivalent program that does not include WBV. Therefore, our findings support the hypothesis that WBV training may be a beneficial supplementary training technique in strength programs for young athletes.”
    Published in the Journal of Athletic Training
  • CONCLUSION: “It was concluded that mechanical vibrations enhanced muscle P and decreased the related EMG/P relationship in elite athletes. Moreover, the analysis of EMGrms recorded before the treatment and during the treatment itself showed an enormous increase in neural activity during vibration up to more than twice the baseline values. This would indicate that this type of treatment is able to stimulate the neuromuscular system more than other treatments used to improve neuromuscular properties.”
    Published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology
  • CONCLUSION: “Whole-body vibration is a suitable training method to improve knee extension maximal strength, counter-movement jump, and flexibility in a young female athlete if it is properly designed. …the improvement of flexibility is important not only for performance but also for the prevention of muscle-tendon injury.”
    Association of Academic Physiatrists
  • CONCLUSION: WBV training period of 6 wk, through the muscle contractions it provokes, produced significant positive changes is selected kinematical characteristics of sprint running (step length, step rate and running velocity) and selected explosive strength characteristics (jump height, total number of jumps performed in a period of 30 s)
    Published in the Journal of Sports Sciences and Medicine
  • CONCLUSION: “It was concluded that superimposed vibrations applied for short periods allow for increased gains in maximal strength and flexibility”
    Published in the Journal of Sports Sciences