Evelyn-no walker The Soloflex WBV provides benefits akin to physical activity, with less effort and less risk of injury. Other benefits include increased blood flow circulation, increased flexibility and relief from cramping and stiffness. The Soloflex WBV is designed with a low profile to provide a safe height and without a tower, to allow the use of a walker, if additional stability is needed. The clinical summaries and testimonials on this page are related to AGING. For information on other positive effects of Whole Body Vibration, visit our ATHLETE, ACTIVE and AILING pages. Also visit – HOW WBV WORKS, WHO IS USING WBV? and our general product information page. To purchase, visit our STORE.

Exercise, Not Diet, Has Most Impact On Weight As We Age

Soloflex WBV Customer Testimonials Related to Aging

  • “I am a 60 year old white female with several risk factors for osteoporosis. I get annual bone density test. Last year my bone density test results put me in the range for needing to start taking Fosamax or similar meds. I did not want to take the drugs and felt there must be some other way to improve. I had already been taking calcium and doing lots of weight bearing exercise. I read about the Soloflex WBV platform and its effects on bone density and decided to give it a try. It’s now been nine or ten months, averaging ten minutes a day, sometimes more, sometimes not at all. Last week I got my bone density test results – and they are impressive – my numbers are better than they were 6 ½ years ago, and I am no longer a candidate for Fosamax. I believe the WBV platform is wholly responsible for this improvement, as my calcium intake was the same; my exercise regimen was even than in previous years. I intend to continue with the WBV for another year before I really believe it – and then – I’ll be promoting the WBV platform to every woman, doctor and health club in the area. Thanks so much Soloflex! p.s. I also bought the platform for my 90 year old mother and she is on it almost every day for 10 minutes.” –Susan via email
  • “I purchased this unit for my mom well over a year ago. Before your company had even put data out on it. My mom is 87 and does it every day for 15 minutes. She says she can feel a difference. She has her walker over it for balance and even does knee bends and alternately lifts legs. She is a trooper.” –Mick via email
  • “I purchased a WBV several months ago and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I won’t know the impact on my bone density for at least a year but have already experienced exciting results with muscle tone and strengthening. I’ve also noticed that my clothes (especially jeans) fit better and looser around the hips/legs. Thank you………thank you………thank you. p.s. I started out using my WBV approx. 10 min/day, 5-6 days/wk. and now average 25-30 min./day, 4-5 days/wk., following the exercises in the instruction booklet, some with hand/leg weights, plus several yoga exercises.” –Jill via email.

Clinical Study Summaries Related to Aging