The Most Asked General Workout Questions

How Do I Build Muscle?

To Build Muscle: More Weight, Less Reps. Do 8-12 reps per set and do 3 sets….work to failure in the last set.  Working to failure is very important.  The muscles need to break down to be able to rebuild stronger and larger.  Complete failure is when you can not move that last rep at all.  You give it your all and you are just too fatigued.

To Tone Muscle: Less Weight, More Reps.  15-20 reps per set and do 3 to 4 sets.  Do not worry about the failure, but you should feel like you have really worked the muscle and have really gotten a good strong workout.

To Cut: Train the Muscles to Become Longer/Leaner, Once Size Has Been Reached.   Do high reps at lower weight.  Perform a Tone Program.  Eat a low fat diet.  This is very important.

How To Work The Inner Leg and Outer Leg:  On any exercise point the toes in to work the Outer Leg and point the toes out to work the Inner Leg.

How Do I Best Target The Lower Abdominal Muscles: The exercises that best target the lower abdominal muscles are…the Body Curl, the Bent Knee Raise, the Leg Bend and the Incline Sit-Up.  The more the incline on the bench the lower you will target.

What Is The Proper Order Of Muscle Workout: Always work the larger muscle group before a smaller one. Example – Work the entire back (lats) before doing a bicep curl.  Otherwise, the muscle will already be somewhat fatigued and will not perform to its fullest capacity.  Working the larger muscle groups is best also if you are very limited in your time to workout.  These are the most important to start with.  If you do have the time it is important to add the smaller muscle groups.  You do not want to forget them.

Should I workout Everyday: Rotate muscle groups.  Work lower body one day and upper body the next day.  Do not work the same muscle group two days in row.  The muscles will not have time to rebuild and gain strength.  This rule does not include the abdominal muscles.  You can perform one long set everyday if you would like to.

Hope this helps.  Keep asking the questions and we will try to answer them.




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