Strength Training: Whole Body Vibration Makes It Easy

By now you probably know that strength training is one of the most important things you need to do for yourself. It is the one thing that will help you through everything you do in your life…for your entire life. The changes we make to our bodies now, will reflect in our overall health later in life.

Strength training( is achieved many different ways; none being more important than muscle strengthening. Your muscles must be worked for you to see results. Use it or loose it has never rang more true. With the Soloflex Whole Body Vibration (WBV), you’ll be able to implement the next step to your exercise routine that will effectively change the way you workout.

Strength training is not isolated to any one type of muscle building;( from climbing stairs, to lifting weights and stretching. These are all parts of a training program. Your program should include opening with a light stretch for flexibility and mobility, and then lead into lifting weights or resistance training to build muscle and endurance. Finishing up with a cardio routine, as this will get your heart rate elevated, making your heart healtheir while buring calories at the same time.

A good workout program will be done 5 days a week, with traditional training taking up to 1-2 hours per day. This is a lot of time! There is an answer to this problem; the Soloflex Whole Body Vibration (WBV) (

When you add WBV to your routine you can cut your workout time down to only 10-15 minutes per day and do all of the important exercises on your routine. Nothing needs to be missed. WBV will add benefits to any exercise; stretching, weight lifting, or resistance training, or cardio. Vibration technology forces the muscles to react by contracting and relaxing involuntarily; causing an enormous increase in blood flow to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues.

NASA and the Russian Space Program( started using WBV years ago to help pilots muscles from atrophying while in space. Soon after, trainers and doctors began to see the great benefits WBV could offer professional athletes( Professional sport franchises have widely and enthusiastically embraced the concept, including the:

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • MLS

Not only can WBV help reduce the time a workout takes it also aids in faster muscle growth, better flexibility, better blood circulation, reduction of sore muscles, improved balance, even help heal athletic related injuries. The Soloflex WBV gives you less time working out, better results, it’s easy to use , and safe: what more could you want?


Price has, until now, been the most difficult thing about a WBV Platform. They have only been available to professional athletes, government industries, and celebrities like Madonna and George Clooney because they cost so much to purchase. Commercial units can run as high as $12,000! The average person can’t afford that.

We proudly offer the Soloflex WBV Platform at an affordable price so this very important conditioning can be available to all. The Soloflex WBV Platform is only $445. Yes, Soloflex had done it again. We have brought home weight lifting and resistance training to homes for over 30 years with the best built, safest home equipment on the market. With over one million Classic Soloflex machines, one hundred thousand Rockits, and two hundred-and-fifty thousand Adjustable Hand Weight Systems sold to date, Soloflex has given people the best opportunities for strength training on their terms and time. Now with the WBV you can continue with your Soloflex routine or any other routine you may have in a lot less time with better results that only WBV can offer.

When you begin using WBV you will find the vibration levels that best suit your needs. The range of vibration should run between 25hz – 60 hz( for optimum results. The Soloflex WBV comes with an adjustable rheostat so you can find your perfect level. Over time you may up the hertz or always remain comfortable with the level you are at.

The Soloflex WBV Platform is built to last. Made of 3″ steel tubing legs, thick urethane molded foam pad over 15 ply wood that can hold up to 1200lbs, the highest quality motor and rheostat; just like the Classic Soloflex, you’ll be using your WBV for years to come!

The size of the platform is another reason to look at Soloflex. The platform is 41″ long, 10″ wide, 5″ high, and weighs 31lbs. This is much larger than most  other vibration units on the market, which allows you to perform a wide range of exercises including Pilates, Yoga, general stretching.

A weight resistance routine, as mentioned earlier, is the most important addition to your strength training. Soloflex sells the very best Adjustable Hand Weights on the market to aid in your goals. They have a very comfortable soft rubber hand grip with rubber plating on the weights themselves to help with safety and sound as well as overall visual quality.

Soloflex is also the only company to offer the vibration motor separately so it can be attached to almost any surface you choose. If you already own equipment and want to increase gains and benefits from that equipment that is not a problem. The WBV attachment motor can be attached to workout benches, chairs, any workout equipment. Soloflex sell the motor to many existing Soloflex product owners. The Classic Soloflex, The Rockit, and the Soloflex workout bench are all perfect candidates for a WBV attachment motor.

Any of the Soloflex products available can be purchased or call 1-800-547-8802. Also, please check out our new blog at

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January 29th, 2009

I am very much pleased with the results after using your WBV platform. One word to sum it up? Improvement. Yes the difference between how I used to feel and how I feel right now, I own a Concept 2 Model D Rowing machine (which sometimes used as a “men’s valet”) your WBV platform and dumb bells. Your price is excellent, quality so far is great. My rating as of today has to be EXCELLENT. Thank you! You got it right with this product.

February 5th 2009

I purchased this machine and the results are amazing. I recommended it to a friend, a judge, and the results were the same. Thank you for being a customer friendly business and making your product not only remarkable but affordable. God bless you and your families.

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  1. Don

    I have to say, the WBV Platform sounds interesting. I have been getting good results from the wendler 531 program, but I am always looking for things that will increase progress. This sounds like something worth looking into.

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