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Thirty years! That’s how long Soloflex has been making beautiful bodies. We have been hearing testimonials and receiving photos of Soloflex users for almost as long.

“I will be turning 50 in February (2009), and I’m still using the same Soloflex that I bought in 1981, when I was 22. I’ve updated the weight straps and added the butterfly and leg extension over the years, but the machine itself is still the same and it’s still going strong. One of the best products I’ve ever owned. Soloflex No. 21133″

— Kean on January 27th, 2009

In the beginning we wanted to bring the “gym” to everyone, for a price and size that fit in the corner of your home with quality unsurpassed. With the original Soloflex, we did just that, and continue to do so today.

Since Soloflex first began making fitness equipment thirty years ago, we have added a number of products to compliment and inspire your workouts. The Rockit, The Swimmer, Adjustable Hand Weights, and now the Whole Body Vibration Platform (WBV). All of these products were created with the same goal as the original Soloflex – get healthy, stay healthy.

All of our products build muscle, increase serotonin, relieve stress, and will help you leave a healthier life. The Soloflex WBV is also offering these opportunities to people who are recovering from injuries, suffer from physical limitations, and obesity. WBV stimulates the body’s stretch reflex and causes muscle contractions, forcing them to work even if you can not. The WBV works to enhance the workouts that you already have in place. This way, even the most physically fit can see the results of vibration training, and in just 1/3 of the time spent doing traditional weight training and stretching.

We here at Soloflex want to continue to hear from you and share your experiences with others. We can all inspire and help each other through conversation. Discuss workouts routines, motivations, experiences, or any thing you want to talk about. Everyone needs a little help now and then and together we can do just that. Do you have weight lifting questions, want to know some of the dos and don’ts in working out, Soloflex equipment questions, or wonder how to get to the next level of fitness? So many questions let’s get them out there. Send photos, drawings, what ever you want to share about yourself or Soloflex products and their effects on your life. Let’s Talk!

Any of the Soloflex products available for sale can be purchased at You can speak to a trained sales representative by calling 1-800-547-8802, or contact us via email. If you would like more information about WBV, please visit The Soloflex website.

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