Slate Remembers How Soloflex Changed America

On January 20th, 2011 Slate’s Justin Peters wrote about “How the Soloflex Changed America”.

He hit the nail on the head.  Soloflex brought the world the infomercial and did it in a much less in your face kind of way.  Soloflex understood the body we are all looking for and presented the body for all of us to stare at.  These ads and approach were the building blocks for all other home weight lifting companies.

Please read this great article here and relive the beginning again along with Mr. Jerry Wilson’s crazy ride to success.

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  1. Jon

    Thanks for the blog and the link. I bought my soloflex some 18 years ago, and though it has served as a towel rack for a couple years, I’ve used this piece of art to keep my strength and fitness level at a good level and I wouldn’t change or trade it for anything. Jerry Wilson did get it right (both the machine and the infomercial.

    Good article.

  2. Togotooner

    What happened to all of the blog postings?

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