76 Year Old Customer Shows Off Soloflex Body

We have received the funnest email from a long time customer recently and I feel like sharing it with you.  He is a delight to talk to and has also sent us some great photos, that his wife took, that I would also like to share.  He looks great for any age.

Here are the emails……
You have any promotional use, quite aside from mere and exceedingly mild curiosity, in a pix of a naked-to-the-waist, firm and muscled (but not a body builder) 76-year-old male who credits 20 years of Soloflex usage three times a week for his appearance and, at last report, good health? That is I (me). If not, NO NEED TO REPLY. If yes, I will require my wife’s technological skills to take the pix on her irritating I-phone and transmit it on this infernal computer, so there would be some delay. I am David N. Mitchell, and I live in Santa Fe, N.M., and am very old.  The question arose in my increasingly demented mind when I took off my t-shirt upon arising this morning, looked in the bathroom mirror and said to my 5-foot-9, 156-pound self, “self, that’s pretty good for a codger.” I then began my (your) machine workout, which took 90 minutes and still needs three sets of tricep effort to be complete.

all of which is far more than anybody making a living at Soloflex should have to read. So don’t, Oops, too late. Sorry. As the cliche has it, have a good day. I (we) must go to a neighborhood party this evening, a fate not to be wished, at least by me, and which precludes a nice day.


Courtesy of my amused but tolerant and skilled spouse, here are a couple of photos, taken today, Monday, of me at age 76. Looking at these, I realize that I am not remotely as lovely as I thought I was, and I will not be emotionally damaged if you and your fellow employees of Soloflex have a good laugh before destroying them and sending me a nice, thoughtful, courteous, well-meaning but in-the-end untrue thank- you note. I fear the dog, who was at my feet during this absurd posturing,  did not show up in full fur, but he still looked a lot better than I do.

dave mitchell

I noted to him in my email that we were most interested in his photos and so glad I did.  I want to publicly thank Mr. Mitchell for taking the time to use the Soloflex and to share it with us.  He is proof that if you use it you will not loose it.  Exercising is the best medicine we can offer ourselves.  Keep up the great work and enjoy your many years to come.  Thank you wife too for her amazing photography skills. 

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